March 20, 2015


People and Environment

world-environmentWhy is there a need to protect our environment? Fifty years ago, the concept of sustainability and environmental protection is not widely practiced and still very vague. However, when we see our world polluted, being destroyed and unsustainable, it is time to take action. Saving our planet may be a daunting task for an individual but there are ways, little and simple ways, to help our planet survive and be sustained for future generations.


The question here is why we have to do it. We can just leave our planet as it is and do not mind about the next generation. However, we should not forget our ancestors left us a paradise, a place where we can live sustainably so it is just right that we show gratitude by paying it forward. We also do not want our future children suffer the consequences of our faults; this is also another concept called inter-generational responsibility. We have responsibilities not only to the future but also to our past.

Mobilizing Resources

This may be a hard task to swallow but there are simple ways to mobilize our resources. Using internet, for example, is one. Instead of buying tickets for imagine dragons concert 2015 at the ticketing outlet, there is an easier way of buying and selling online. Instead of using papers for fliers and tickets, fans can buy or learn about different concerts through the internet, a paperless and sustainable technology. Using electronic load is also another way, before we were used to using plastic cards and scratching off to see the numbers, now we use electronic loading stations, another paperless way of doing business. Since the internet is for everyone and people are using it almost every day of their lives and have become dependent on it, why not use its popularity to sell and buy everything. This way, we will save how much paper we use thus there is less cutting of trees.

A concert is another way to raise awareness among fans. Since fans are very ecstatic to see you perform and would probably give you whatever you have requested, you can use this fame in order to ensure that your fans will live a more sustainable life. Artists could also set example, the band Imagine Dragons are champions of human rights, cancer fighters and even education as they have sponsored 4 Fulbright scholars. They have shown their fans that even if they are famous, they can still do good deeds and do not forget other people.

March 18, 2015


Using Biofuels in Concerts and Tours

biofuelIt’s not a surprise that environmentalists protest of the huge ecological impacts concerts and tours have. Just look at all those littered plastic cups in the venue after the event. Not to mention the huge amounts of energy used to power up lights and sound systems. And all those cigarette and pot smoke.

But a lot of music festivals started to go green like the Rothbury Festival and the Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival. They sell organic foods, use eco-friendly materials for cups and bags, and they use biofuel for transportation.

What is Biofuel?

Biofuels are fuels that are produced through carbon fixation in living organisms such as plants. Technically, all of the available fuels today are biofuels. The diesel and fuel made from fossils are biofuels in a sense that they came from ancient preserved plants. However, fossil fuels are seen as hazardous to the environment because burning it releases a lot of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

Biofuels as we know it today are eco-friendly versions of fossil fuels. They are mostly made from corns, sugarcane, palm oil, grass, and organic wastes.

Is it Sustainable?

Eco-friendliness does not equate sustainability, unfortunately. While biofuels are a great alternative source of energy, it is not so simple to produce. First, the process of growing the crops takes a big economic toll. Included here are the fertilizers and pesticides needed to ensure the health of the crops. Then these crops are processed into fuel, requiring a lot of energy that come from coal and natural gas. So it is argued that biofuels don’t save oil as much as they use.

All hope is not lost, however. The prospect to primarily use grass in producing biofuels is taking momentum. Many believe that since grasses have more cellulose, it can be more viable sources of biofuel. If cellulose can be made into biofuels, it will make more sense as an alternative to fossil fuels since it will be more efficient and emit less carbon dioxide.

The Verdict

Despite challenges in producing biofuels, they are still way better than fossil fuels. More music event should use biofuels. Even though the Blake Shelton tour opening act is guaranteed to be kickass, the tour will be more appealing and helpful if it patronizes biofuels.

June 23, 2014

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The Art of Stand-up Comedy and Music

robscomedyplayhouse_2Many people think that stand-up comedy is just people telling funny stories and jokes on stage or before a crowd entertaining people with their funny thoughts and observations. Comedy is an art in itself and stand-up comedy is performing arts.

The art of making people laugh, tickle their funny bones with your thoughts and expressions. One thing it is to tell a funny story with very little or no expression at all and some might find it amusing yet could have been so hilarious if expressed in outrageous antics.

Some find over exaggeration as funny but only to a certain extent since too much can become ridiculous. This is where stand-up comedy comes in entertaining people with some degree of exaggeration of expression and people are expecting their funny bone tickled as they await the next exaggerated funny expression.

Some comedians are really born with a humorous wit and do very little effort on their part to amuse people. A few words with a little funny reaction can turn out so hilarious for others and sometimes this becomes contagious. The only problem is not all can become a comic no matter how far others would try.

Some aspiring comedians work very hard and they create a system of routines, adopt and collect witty jokes, and prepare funny jokes of certain particular jobs like jokes for doctors, lawyers, and engineers and, so on and so forth. With so much in their arsenal of jokes, some people who were not born to be funny can get away with entertaining people for several hours just by delivering the jokes properly.

Although it is difficult to say whether a comedian is truly born funny, or he works so hard rehearsing so many acts before a show, it doesn’t matter as long as they are really good at entertaining people. Such is the case of Daniel Tosh who is on a comedy show tour now (visit this website to check his schedule).

On the other hand, music has long been an art since the time it began. Whether singing or playing an instrument, expressing music through the voice or an instrument generates feelings of emotions to the listeners making them feel what the musicians want them to feel through their music.

Justin Moore has a music tour now and if you decided to watch his show check his schedule nearest you by clicking here.

April 7, 2014


Staging Tips That Can Sell Your Home Fast

foreclosureIt is a fact that the real estate business is declining. If you are looking into selling a house, you might think that the only way to sell fast is by lowering the purchase price. You made this conclusion based on the diminishing amount of demand and the booming number of competitions. But did you know that there are still other successful strategies that you can employ to sell a house fast? Here are the 10 tips to sell a house fast this 2014.

  1. Make your home stand out. In order to attract buyers to your home, you must make some improvements that would change the home façade and interior for the better. Your focus must be on improvements that bring in the highest amount of return. You can only know what these types of improvements are by doing some research. Often, it would include tips on changing some colors and designs that would appeal to the audience you are aiming for. But be careful with playing with colors because not all the time it brings great results. Only those color changes that still complements a house’s design and aesthetics can increase your prospects.
  2. Leave behind some great items. The most popular trend in real estate business today is the closing cost credits. Buyers already expect this so you must try to lean away from the norm by leaving behind some ideal items instead. Ideal items are those personal properties which an average homebuyer can hardly afford. These may include: plasma TVs, some sophisticated kitchen appliances or even a billiard pool.
  3. Lit up your home. Of course, nothing beats a well-lighted home. The brighter the house is the more sellable it would be. So if the house does not come with perfect lighting, you might consider investing on proper lighting just to attract more homebuyers. Aside from installing new lights, you can also do simple chores that improve the lighting condition of the home. For instance, you can take down drapes and clean the windows in order for more sunlight to come in. You may also cut tall plants which are covering the windows as these tend to darken the interior.
  4. Clean the clutter. Nothing is more inviting than a well-organized and clean home. It must be your priority to clean the house because it is one of the basics when it comes to home selling. Spend a great deal of time de-cluttering from one room to the next until the entire house including the lawn and backyard are free from clutter. If you need to get rid of some items to make the home space bigger, then do so. Lastly, never ever forget to keep the mess from the countertops of the kitchen and bathroom. Warning: Don’t go over the top with the cleaning because homebuyers still want a sense of “home” in your home. Leave some great personal items behind.
  5. Make your home façade welcoming. The first area that a homebuyer will notice when they visit your home is your porch. So see to it that your porch has been well prepared so as to make it inviting. If you can, add some porch furniture and porch lights. Keep it more attractive by bringing in some natural vibes like potted plants and fresh flowers in vases. Illuminate also your front walk by investing on solar lights – this can be very helpful in attracting homebuyers who opt for night visits. Finally, don’t forget the minor details such as clean door mats.
  6. Prepare your dining table. When it comes to staging a home, dining tables are the ones neglected. They are just left bare in the dining area. But did you know that a simple styling on your dining room table can already work wonders on attracting potential consumers? Yes, a styled dining table is better than a bare one. But don’t go overboard because there is just a thin line that separates appealing from too formal.
  7. Sell your kitchen first. Before you sell your house, it is important that you are able to sell your kitchen primarily. Homebuyers check the kitchen first and foremost when they go house shopping. Research also shows that you get to recoup about 80% of your money back when you try to renovate your kitchen. Yes, kitchen renovation may amount to some thousands of dollars but that is better than receiving a $10,000 haggle from your prospect owing to an out-of-date looking kitchen. Of the most inexpensive kitchen improvements, changing the paint makes the kitchen look newer and more attractive. So better bear this in mind.
  8. Reveal those closets. Opening about 30 percent of each closet gives the impression of bigger space. So don’t leave your closets close just so you can show your prospect an impression of neatness. When it comes to neatness vs. spaciousness, almost always the latter wins. Furthermore, closet space, no matter how minor you think it can be, is one of the major factor when it comes to the buyer deciding whether to buy the place or not. In short, it is really a very important aspect of home selling.
  9. Let go of the junk room. Your goal is always to give your potential buyers what they want to see in your home. And most likely, they don’t want to visit a junk room. Use this extra space for building another room with a defined purpose. It can be transformed into a playroom or an office. You can make it into a guest room or a theater room. Whatever you do with your current junk room, always remember that the key to making it attractive to prospects is by giving it some clear purpose.
  10. Lure the home buyer to tour the entire house. A boring home tour won’t bring you profit so make sure that the visit of your prospect will be interesting. Put in some focal points of interest in every corner of your home. You may use photographs, mini statues, or even a piece of artwork to heighten their curiosity and invite them to have a great home tour experience.

March 19, 2015


Waste Management

waste-optimizationIt has been becoming a burden nowadays that we cannot control our wastes anymore. Well, this seems like a big problem for some countries as some citizens do not know how to follow rules and regulations. Of course, the population of each country grows each day; while the wastes for each household or city grow as well. Waste management is not as simple as it seems because citizens need discipline in order to achieve the proper management. Through simple steps, you’d be able to help your surroundings! Here’s how you should do it:

Start with Oneself

Apparently, the proper waste management doesn’t happen in an instant. You have to be really into it; you have to put yourself into it. Start by avoiding too much plastic as they are really hard to burn and will just destroy the ozone layer. What’s important is that you know how to segregate your wastes – biodegradable, non-biodegradable, which to recycle and reuse, and more. With just that, you’d be able to save a lot of space in your place; you might even sell the things that are of no use to you anymore!

When Going to Other Places

It’s not just when you are at home that you need to practice waste management. When you’re outside, you have to do it as well. You do not just expect the helpers, janitors or maintenance men to do the cleaning for you. Not because you are at the mall doesn’t mean that you can scatter or throw your trash anywhere you please. You have to be very considerate. Another example is when you are inside a movie theatre. If you know you’ve brought some mess, you should start collecting it after the movie and bring it to the bin. It’s simple, right?

Similar to that, if you’re attending a concert, you would generally expect that you would not be allowed to bring food inside the stadium or concert area so there wouldn’t be any wastes. This brings you to the food concessionaires outside. Well, that doesn’t mean you can scatter your stuff around. Be mindful. Go check Bruno Mars tour dates 2015. Bruno Mars has been a known advocate and campaigner for a better environment to save Mother Earth.

March 18, 2015

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Pets and Owners for a Sustainable Environment

ecofriendlyNegativity towards dogs and owners occasionally present especially when pet owners are irresponsible outdoors. Some have raised controversial issues, pointing out that dogs harm the environment in so many aspects. There are many valid concerns raised, but, if owners and companies who depend on the ‘dog business’ for their living would just be more socially responsible, these concerns will be resolved. Help make for a safer society and a healthier environment by considering the following:

Provide suitable shelter.

Make sure your pet’s living quarters are secure and pet friendly. Don’t allow for unmonitored exits whereby your dog is able to leave premises unattended. Strange dogs running around cause concern in the neighborhood and may lead to injury and animal attacks. Keep the living area clean and dry to prevent any bacteria and disease from breeding. His ‘toilet access’ must be within reach and able to accommodate daily discharges from your dog.

Raise a sociable dog.

Dogs can be good ‘watchers’ without being aggressive. Train them to be accepting of people and other pets. Provide venues for social interaction. This limits safety hazards within the community and public places. Rear him right so you can at anytime walk a pet that won’t pose any danger to others.

Purchase pet products wisely.

Purchase durable and earth friendly toys and pet aides. Many pet companies are turning to more environmentally friendly ways of producing products. Patronize them. Limit toy purchases. Store chew toys promptly when not in use so you won’t need to keep replacing lost toys. Wash them regularly to maintain condition and free yourself from the need of buying new ones. Go for organic cleansers and bath products. Check, for other ideas and suggestions.

Feed responsibly.

Don’t overstuff your pet. This lessens animal waste, plus, it helps your pet avoid unnecessary health complications. Help them gain and maintain weight in a healthy manner. Check here for

best dog food to gain weight. Feed your pet with healthy dog food. Yes, you spend more on quality protein feeds but with healthier dog food, pets don’t eat as much since they get nourished at a reduced intake. Less eating equals less animal waste.

Dispose waste responsibly.

Make sure your home is able to handle animal waste rightly. Have a good area that can facilitate proper disposal. Don’t leave poop lying around, luring flies and other bacteria causing insects. Scoop poop promptly, never leave them un-cleaned especially in public places.

March 2, 2015


The Need to Prepare

disaster-japanRecently, certain people crawling out of the woodwork are voicing concern of our times. They notice the frequency of disasters happening throughout the world. They, therefore, decided to prepare themselves for anything that would come across their way like hurricanes, tornadoes, tsunamis, earthquakes, or anything that could have a major influence on their ability to survive, which includes internal and external threats from other groups.

Years before, others called them in many names and many have thought of them as very paranoid or an extreme survivalist living out of the resource of the land. Now you would know them as “Preppers” learning to survive apart from the dependency of the grid or the present way of life.

Before, there were only a few of them but now, it seems that even the ordinary folks have started to pick up the trend and stock up on food and supplies that may last for a few months to a year. Even the Internet will overwhelm you with ‘Do It Yourself’ (DIY) instructions on how to survive and how to acquire important skills and knowledge for surviving.

There are many instructions on how to acquire or produce raw materials or ingredients needed to keep up some semblance of the existing way of life. For instance, you can learn ‘making soap or paper’, ‘how to make candles or light a fire’ and even ‘how to dress a chicken or trapped animal and make it into food’ which no city office folk or city homemakers would know how to do since most raw food come already in packages ready for cooking.

This could be a foreboding sign that people are starting to doubt the government’s capability to deliver them their basic needs when disasters strike or doubt the government’s ability to sustain social or political order.

Well, this is not a surprise since during the past disasters the government took some time to reach those in need in many flooded or disaster (Hurricane Katrina) struck areas and could not deliver basic food, potable water, medicine and power for heating for several days. The government, unprepared and helpless, could not cope up and many died.

It would not be harmful and could even be a wise move to prepare self or one’s family by browsing and learning some DIY lessons on surviving. There are lessons on how you can prepare children and where to get food for them when the supplies are dwindling. They even have lessons on how to acquire an acre of a farm and make it sustainable for a family apart from outside resources and help.

There are even lessons for preparing pregnant women for childbirth during perilous times. They even have materials and kits for this.

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March 1, 2015


Easy Steps That Can Protect Your Environment From VOCs

World-Environment-Day-picturesHave you just recently transferred to your new home? If so, chances are you are trying to fill it with as much furniture as you can. When buying furniture like unfinished dresser, the very first action you have to take as an environmentally-friendly consumer is to know what types of wood and finishing offer more protection to the environment. Problem wooden furniture these days is that they contain harmful chemicals that release what we call as volatile organic compounds or VOCs – which are not only harmful to your indoor environment but are also detrimental to your health when inhaled.

What Are VOCs?

VOCs, as mentioned in the introduction, stands for Volatile Organic Compounds. These are chemical compounds emitted by liquid or solid substances. These can be found on wood furniture like unfinished dressers as well as on the chemical coatings of these furniture. When released into the environment, VOCs not only act as air pollutants but also puts the person who inhales it at risk to certain diseases like asthma, pneumonitis, and cancer.

VOCs On Wood Furnishings

When it comes to wood furniture, the most common VOC that is emitted is formaldehyde. Formaldehyde from wood is small in quantity but its amount varies on the type of wood the furniture is made of. High levels of Volatile Organic Compounds are released from pressed woods compared to natural solid wood. The reason is because pressed woods already contain other chemicals like resins and glues. Press woods also emit benzene aside formaldehyde. Benzene, just so you know, is a well-known cancer-causing agent. Furthermore, studies have also shown that pressed woods also release toxins called toluene.

How To Protect The Environment From VOCs

A very simple action you can take in order to prevent emission of high levels of VOCs to the environment is to choose you furniture well. For instance, instead of buying unfinished dresser or wooden cabinets made of pressed-woods, choose those furniture which are made from natural solid wood. Not only do these furniture protect your environment, but also prevent you from acquiring lung-related diseases. Furthermore, natural furniture look more sophisticated than highly complicated ones.