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Essential Tips to Make Ends Meet When Budgeting Your Income  

April 28, 2017

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It is frustrating to see that your paycheck is just enough to cover the bills. You want to buy new clothes or eat in a fancy restaurant, but you can’t. Your friends have already traveled to your dream destination while you are stuck doing nothing at home.

If this continues to happen each time you receive your salary, you have to change your lifestyle. Perhaps, you are not responsible in using your income properly. There are ways for you to be more fiscally responsible. Here are some tips that you need to remember.

Divide your income appropriately 

You already know how much money you earn. This means you can easily plan where the money goes. By the time you receive your salary, the amount should be used as planned. In that plan, don’t forget to put some as savings for the rainy days. The other savings should fall under discretionary budget. This is the amount you will use to buy whatever you want or travel to places. Each time you receive your paycheck, you have to do this. Before you know it, your savings have already ballooned.

Find ways to save money 

There are ways for you to reduce expenses. For instance, limit your use of appliances. Set a time in using the heater or air conditioner. By then, your electric bill will drastically reduce. You should also look for a store where items are sold at a lower price. You will get the same things you need but at a lower cost. Avoid using your car to work when the workplace is not that far. Walk or use public transportation. This will cut your gas expense each month.

Fix problems at home

Repair issues are actually expensive to solve. This is why even before they get worse, you have to fix them. For instance, if you think there is something wrong with the plumbing, call Sam Dunn plumbing. They will not just help with the repair, but also help in maintenance. Dealing with maintenance is a lot cheaper than fixing the problem when everything is too late.

Set a goal 

You need to have a concrete plan on what you want with your money. It would be easier to allocate them if there is a long-term plan. You might want to use it to buy a new house or to travel in a dream destination. You will do everything to reach this goal as long as you keep it in mind.

Don’t borrow money

When you start borrowing money, it means you were not able to make ends meet. It also means you have been irresponsible in using your income. If possible, don’t resort to loans unless there is a medical emergency that cost way more than what you have expected. There are people who have been buried in a lifetime of debt just because they have started borrowing a small amount, years ago.

It takes a lot to balance the budget. You have no choice but to do it if you want to live a debt-free life while achieving your financial goals at the same time.


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Get Insurance for Items Stored in a Storage Facility

March 28, 2017

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Not all valuable items you own can be stored inside your house. Some of them might be too big to fit in. This is true especially if you are just renting a small flat. It is not a problem if you can find a local storage facility. You can just transfer all of the big items that you have inside the storage facility and pay the monthly dues. Anytime you need those items back, heading to the facility can be very easy.

It takes time to get used to this idea though. Those items are valuable. Sometimes, you keep huge sporting equipment. You may also keep musical instruments like the ones you have bought from Global Music Revolution. There are also those who want to keep paper documents that are too important to be thrown away just yet.

You can’t just leave those items in a facility far from you. There is also no assurance that everything will be safe.

Choosing the right facility

To make it easier for you to be complacent in living those items there, choose the best storage facility. Make sure that there is great security measure in place. There should be security cameras all over so it would be easy to determine if someone has broken in.

There should also be temperature control inside the storage area. Some items are sensitive to temperature changes. Papers for instance easily break or degrade in quality if there are weather changes. With temperature control in place, everything is constant. You are assured that all the items are intact and in great condition.

Get insurance

If you are still not confident that your items will be protected, get insurance. There is insurance policy made specifically for tenants of storage facilities. In fact, some storage facility owners provide the insurance as soon as you have decided to rent the space. If not, there are a lot of companies offering this insurance policy. Find one that is affordable.

The good thing if you have insurance is that if anything goes wrong, you can at least be reimbursed for the total value of the items that you have left inside the storage facility.

Check the terms and conditions as well. In the event that the items were damaged and the reason was because of poor management, the owners might be punished. They will be the one to shell out the money to reimburse you instead.

Quality service

Rest assured, there are a lot of storage facilities that won’t let you down. In fact, some of them have been in this business for several years. They have provided services to a lot of people. They have become even more popular recently with the boom of online businesses. If these people can trust storage facilities when they have more valuable items to store, why can’t you?

Compare and contrast the facilities available and get one that you feel is perfect for all your needs. Of course, the overall cost of the rental plus the insurance must also be considered.


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Considering the Bad News of 2016, We All Deserve a Break

January 28, 2017

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pexels-photo-196666If you have been listening to the news this 2016, you might have been very devastated. Each day, you wake up to bad news. It could be a tragedy in one country or deaths due to terrorism. It may also be about victims of wars that don’t seem to have an end in sight. Nevertheless, the news stories have been really bad. There is shocking news waiting for you to learn each time you wake up.

Despite everything that has happened, you have survived. You are still alive. This is something to be grateful for. You are not in a country with endless wars. You have not become a victim of gun violence. Your family is complete or at least you are trying to connect with each other. This is why you deserve to give yourself a break. You have to celebrate in the best possible way.

Shop until you drop

You may have saved enough money this year so it would be nice to give yourself a treat by shopping. You can head to malls in your area or to other places. If there are items on sale, go ahead and by them. This is true especially if you have really wanted these items to begin with. Now is the perfect time to buy them.


Terrorists might have made victims out of many countries this year, but this should not prevent you from going to places. They must not tell you to stop having fun or from exploring countries. Instead, you have to fight back. Keep traveling. Let them know that you are not afraid of those threats. They survive because of your fears. If you don’t let your fear prevent you from going to places, you end up as the winner.

Attend concerts

Perhaps, you have been holding this plan off because concerts are usually held at night and you have to go to work the following day. You don’t want to spend your time in a concert venue and go to work late the following day. Since it is a holiday, you definitely deserve to attend concerts. Make sure that you look for your favorite artists and find out where they are holding performances. You will surely enjoy it especially since you have waited long enough to attend the said event. You may also check out for more information on concert schedules. You can find out local artists performing near you.

In short, you have to celebrate the year that was. It might not have been good news for others, but if you are reading this, it is for you. Despite everything that you have gone through, you have managed to survive. You can simply hope and pray for a better tomorrow. You know that there are better things on the horizon. You just have to be optimistic that 2017 will be a better year. Rest assured, you have many more moments to look forward to this coming year.


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Always Save Money for Emergency Cases

December 16, 2016

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Regardless of the expenses that you have each month, you must allocate a portion of your salary for savings that you will only touch during the rainy days. There will always be times in our lives when the most unexpected things can happen. If we don’t have money when these instances occur, it could be very tough. Emergency funds must remain there and must be left untouched.

Family’s health care

This is one of the biggest reasons why you have to save money. You might say that your family members are insured. The truth is despite the insurance policy that you have taken, there will still be a portion that will be left uncovered. You need to take your own money out to repay what is yet to be covered. Accidents for instance or serious illnesses like cancer are very costly. This is where your savings should go to. No one knows when it will ever happen.

Job loss

You also don’t know until when you can hold your job. Tenure is such a fragile thing especially these days when businesses are going bankrupt left and right. You can legally fight to get your job back all you want but this will just cost you more money. This is why you have to prepare for the possibility of job loss. If it happens, then you need a backup plan. Of course, you are to apply for another job. Considering your age and the fact that you were fired, searching for a new job could be a challenge. This is why you need your savings to help you cope with the daily needs while you are still out of job.

Home repair

You can never prepare for this. There will always come a time when something at home needs to be fixed. You need to hire plumber Para Hills for instance to repair your plumbing system. Imagine living inside your house for days without potable water. It could be a disaster. When you have savings, then you can have the problems fixed right away.

Be disciplined

These are just some of the instances in which you would need money right away. If you have saved enough money, then you have prepared yourself for these possibilities. You will not panic when the time comes. You know that you have enough to spend for the emergency situation and still cope up with all other expenses.

This also means that you have to stay disciplined. You have to try your best to not be tempted buying things no matter how much you want them. If those items are not on the budget, then don’t buy them. You can suspend travel plans if it would cost you more than what you have expected. You also don’t need to eat out regularly. You can cook meals at home instead. Try your best to always save money for you don’t know what will happen in the future. It is nice to always have enough money when times are really tough.

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Tips and Advice: How Can You Spot Internet Addiction? 

December 8, 2016

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Living in the modern world involves a lot of stress. If there is only one thing that a person can do to avoid stress, it would be to live on a desert island, with their most prized possessions. The reason for this choice is that there is practically no longer any privacy when you are living a life in the city, where communication of all kinds leaves you no time for yourself.

Do You Live to Be Online?

social-mediaIf you have an online presence you would feel that you have an obligation to share everything. These include status posts, instagram photos of food and selfies, tweeting your opinion and also the odd vine or snapchat video of you doing actually nothing.

It is easy to say that you can let go of these things. Just say no, is supposed to work. However, if you have your smartphone with you at all times, and you are online on the computer for most of the day, saying no is harder to do. You have the tools in your hands at all times, and saying no would mean that you have to drop these things.

When Does It Become Destructive?

Internet addiction is not something that is discussed anymore. People have gone past that. When a person feels the need to do a selfie just because he is in the car, then something is really wrong.

There was a time, not too long ago when people played chess as a hobby. The mental challenge was real and chess players could not go a day without playing a game of chess. During those times, there were hordes of people who always had a book in hand. They could not stop reading novels. It was their getaway. People who knew how to play the guitar or any musical instrument would drop at guitar shops Adelaide just to pluck some strings during their lunch time.

What they did then was immersive and to get away from the work, they had to do different things. Nowadays, when you want to get away from work, you go on Facebook, or you tweet or post a selfie.

That is not getting away from it all. It is just a way of getting deeper and deeper. Smartphone users do not know that they are addicted to it. They don’t know that with every new game, or app, or chat, they are buying into the idea that what they are doing is normal.

You have to ask is that normal behavior today?  You wake up, you look at your cell phone for the time. You eat breakfast as you scroll through your social media. You drive and you use a traffic app.

The only real vacation away from this reality is to go away where there is no Wi-Fi, no SMS and no phone call. That would be a hard thing to realize, and it is much harder to do compared to admitting that a person is an internet addict.

How to Disconnect

Is it even an addiction if it is society’s norm? Isn’t that the definition of the norm? Regardless of how badly people have become hooked, there is no reason for you not to be able to save yourself. Disconnect from the Internet after a certain hour, say 10pm, and don’t go online again until you have to drive somewhere and use your traffic app. If possible wait until you’re at work to go online and check your email.

Finally, limit your social media time to a maximum of 2 hours per day. It will be challenging at first, but you will realize later that the less time you spend on social media, the more time you will have for yourself.

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People and Environment

March 20, 2015


world-environmentWhy is there a need to protect our environment? Fifty years ago, the concept of sustainability and environmental protection is not widely practiced and still very vague. However, when we see our world polluted, being destroyed and unsustainable, it is time to take action. Saving our planet may be a daunting task for an individual but there are ways, little and simple ways, to help our planet survive and be sustained for future generations.


The question here is why we have to do it. We can just leave our planet as it is and do not mind about the next generation. However, we should not forget our ancestors left us a paradise, a place where we can live sustainably so it is just right that we show gratitude by paying it forward. We also do not want our future children suffer the consequences of our faults; this is also another concept called inter-generational responsibility. We have responsibilities not only to the future but also to our past.

Mobilizing Resources

This may be a hard task to swallow but there are simple ways to mobilize our resources. Using internet, for example, is one. Instead of buying tickets for imagine dragons concert 2015 at the ticketing outlet, there is an easier way of buying and selling online. Instead of using papers for fliers and tickets, fans can buy or learn about different concerts through the internet, a paperless and sustainable technology. Using electronic load is also another way, before we were used to using plastic cards and scratching off to see the numbers, now we use electronic loading stations, another paperless way of doing business. Since the internet is for everyone and people are using it almost every day of their lives and have become dependent on it, why not use its popularity to sell and buy everything. This way, we will save how much paper we use thus there is less cutting of trees.

A concert is another way to raise awareness among fans. Since fans are very ecstatic to see you perform and would probably give you whatever you have requested, you can use this fame in order to ensure that your fans will live a more sustainable life. Artists could also set example, the band Imagine Dragons are champions of human rights, cancer fighters and even education as they have sponsored 4 Fulbright scholars. They have shown their fans that even if they are famous, they can still do good deeds and do not forget other people.

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