Considering the Bad News of 2016, We All Deserve a Break

January 28, 2017


pexels-photo-196666If you have been listening to the news this 2016, you might have been very devastated. Each day, you wake up to bad news. It could be a tragedy in one country or deaths due to terrorism. It may also be about victims of wars that don’t seem to have an end in sight. Nevertheless, the news stories have been really bad. There is shocking news waiting for you to learn each time you wake up.

Despite everything that has happened, you have survived. You are still alive. This is something to be grateful for. You are not in a country with endless wars. You have not become a victim of gun violence. Your family is complete or at least you are trying to connect with each other. This is why you deserve to give yourself a break. You have to celebrate in the best possible way.

Shop until you drop

You may have saved enough money this year so it would be nice to give yourself a treat by shopping. You can head to malls in your area or to other places. If there are items on sale, go ahead and by them. This is true especially if you have really wanted these items to begin with. Now is the perfect time to buy them.


Terrorists might have made victims out of many countries this year, but this should not prevent you from going to places. They must not tell you to stop having fun or from exploring countries. Instead, you have to fight back. Keep traveling. Let them know that you are not afraid of those threats. They survive because of your fears. If you don’t let your fear prevent you from going to places, you end up as the winner.

Attend concerts

Perhaps, you have been holding this plan off because concerts are usually held at night and you have to go to work the following day. You don’t want to spend your time in a concert venue and go to work late the following day. Since it is a holiday, you definitely deserve to attend concerts. Make sure that you look for your favorite artists and find out where they are holding performances. You will surely enjoy it especially since you have waited long enough to attend the said event. You may also check out for more information on concert schedules. You can find out local artists performing near you.

In short, you have to celebrate the year that was. It might not have been good news for others, but if you are reading this, it is for you. Despite everything that you have gone through, you have managed to survive. You can simply hope and pray for a better tomorrow. You know that there are better things on the horizon. You just have to be optimistic that 2017 will be a better year. Rest assured, you have many more moments to look forward to this coming year.


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