People and Environment

March 20, 2015


world-environmentWhy is there a need to protect our environment? Fifty years ago, the concept of sustainability and environmental protection is not widely practiced and still very vague. However, when we see our world polluted, being destroyed and unsustainable, it is time to take action. Saving our planet may be a daunting task for an individual but there are ways, little and simple ways, to help our planet survive and be sustained for future generations.


The question here is why we have to do it. We can just leave our planet as it is and do not mind about the next generation. However, we should not forget our ancestors left us a paradise, a place where we can live sustainably so it is just right that we show gratitude by paying it forward. We also do not want our future children suffer the consequences of our faults; this is also another concept called inter-generational responsibility. We have responsibilities not only to the future but also to our past.

Mobilizing Resources

This may be a hard task to swallow but there are simple ways to mobilize our resources. Using internet, for example, is one. Instead of buying tickets for imagine dragons concert 2015 at the ticketing outlet, there is an easier way of buying and selling online. Instead of using papers for fliers and tickets, fans can buy or learn about different concerts through the internet, a paperless and sustainable technology. Using electronic load is also another way, before we were used to using plastic cards and scratching off to see the numbers, now we use electronic loading stations, another paperless way of doing business. Since the internet is for everyone and people are using it almost every day of their lives and have become dependent on it, why not use its popularity to sell and buy everything. This way, we will save how much paper we use thus there is less cutting of trees.

A concert is another way to raise awareness among fans. Since fans are very ecstatic to see you perform and would probably give you whatever you have requested, you can use this fame in order to ensure that your fans will live a more sustainable life. Artists could also set example, the band Imagine Dragons are champions of human rights, cancer fighters and even education as they have sponsored 4 Fulbright scholars. They have shown their fans that even if they are famous, they can still do good deeds and do not forget other people.

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