Pets and Owners for a Sustainable Environment

March 18, 2015


ecofriendlyNegativity towards dogs and owners occasionally present especially when pet owners are irresponsible outdoors. Some have raised controversial issues, pointing out that dogs harm the environment in so many aspects. There are many valid concerns raised, but, if owners and companies who depend on the ‘dog business’ for their living would just be more socially responsible, these concerns will be resolved. Help make for a safer society and a healthier environment by considering the following:

Provide suitable shelter.

Make sure your pet’s living quarters are secure and pet friendly. Don’t allow for unmonitored exits whereby your dog is able to leave premises unattended. Strange dogs running around cause concern in the neighborhood and may lead to injury and animal attacks. Keep the living area clean and dry to prevent any bacteria and disease from breeding. His ‘toilet access’ must be within reach and able to accommodate daily discharges from your dog.

Raise a sociable dog.

Dogs can be good ‘watchers’ without being aggressive. Train them to be accepting of people and other pets. Provide venues for social interaction. This limits safety hazards within the community and public places. Rear him right so you can at anytime walk a pet that won’t pose any danger to others.

Purchase pet products wisely.

Purchase durable and earth friendly toys and pet aides. Many pet companies are turning to more environmentally friendly ways of producing products. Patronize them. Limit toy purchases. Store chew toys promptly when not in use so you won’t need to keep replacing lost toys. Wash them regularly to maintain condition and free yourself from the need of buying new ones. Go for organic cleansers and bath products. Check, for other ideas and suggestions.

Feed responsibly.

Don’t overstuff your pet. This lessens animal waste, plus, it helps your pet avoid unnecessary health complications. Help them gain and maintain weight in a healthy manner. Check here for

best dog food to gain weight. Feed your pet with healthy dog food. Yes, you spend more on quality protein feeds but with healthier dog food, pets don’t eat as much since they get nourished at a reduced intake. Less eating equals less animal waste.

Dispose waste responsibly.

Make sure your home is able to handle animal waste rightly. Have a good area that can facilitate proper disposal. Don’t leave poop lying around, luring flies and other bacteria causing insects. Scoop poop promptly, never leave them un-cleaned especially in public places.

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