Staging Tips That Can Sell Your Home Fast

April 7, 2014


foreclosureIt is a fact that the real estate business is declining. If you are looking into selling a house, you might think that the only way to sell fast is by lowering the purchase price. You made this conclusion based on the diminishing amount of demand and the booming number of competitions. But did you know that there are still other successful strategies that you can employ to sell a house fast? Here are the 10 tips to sell a house fast this 2014.

  1. Make your home stand out. In order to attract buyers to your home, you must make some improvements that would change the home façade and interior for the better. Your focus must be on improvements that bring in the highest amount of return. You can only know what these types of improvements are by doing some research. Often, it would include tips on changing some colors and designs that would appeal to the audience you are aiming for. But be careful with playing with colors because not all the time it brings great results. Only those color changes that still complements a house’s design and aesthetics can increase your prospects.
  2. Leave behind some great items. The most popular trend in real estate business today is the closing cost credits. Buyers already expect this so you must try to lean away from the norm by leaving behind some ideal items instead. Ideal items are those personal properties which an average homebuyer can hardly afford. These may include: plasma TVs, some sophisticated kitchen appliances or even a billiard pool.
  3. Lit up your home. Of course, nothing beats a well-lighted home. The brighter the house is the more sellable it would be. So if the house does not come with perfect lighting, you might consider investing on proper lighting just to attract more homebuyers. Aside from installing new lights, you can also do simple chores that improve the lighting condition of the home. For instance, you can take down drapes and clean the windows in order for more sunlight to come in. You may also cut tall plants which are covering the windows as these tend to darken the interior.
  4. Clean the clutter. Nothing is more inviting than a well-organized and clean home. It must be your priority to clean the house because it is one of the basics when it comes to home selling. Spend a great deal of time de-cluttering from one room to the next until the entire house including the lawn and backyard are free from clutter. If you need to get rid of some items to make the home space bigger, then do so. Lastly, never ever forget to keep the mess from the countertops of the kitchen and bathroom. Warning: Don’t go over the top with the cleaning because homebuyers still want a sense of “home” in your home. Leave some great personal items behind.
  5. Make your home façade welcoming. The first area that a homebuyer will notice when they visit your home is your porch. So see to it that your porch has been well prepared so as to make it inviting. If you can, add some porch furniture and porch lights. Keep it more attractive by bringing in some natural vibes like potted plants and fresh flowers in vases. Illuminate also your front walk by investing on solar lights – this can be very helpful in attracting homebuyers who opt for night visits. Finally, don’t forget the minor details such as clean door mats.
  6. Prepare your dining table. When it comes to staging a home, dining tables are the ones neglected. They are just left bare in the dining area. But did you know that a simple styling on your dining room table can already work wonders on attracting potential consumers? Yes, a styled dining table is better than a bare one. But don’t go overboard because there is just a thin line that separates appealing from too formal.
  7. Sell your kitchen first. Before you sell your house, it is important that you are able to sell your kitchen primarily. Homebuyers check the kitchen first and foremost when they go house shopping. Research also shows that you get to recoup about 80% of your money back when you try to renovate your kitchen. Yes, kitchen renovation may amount to some thousands of dollars but that is better than receiving a $10,000 haggle from your prospect owing to an out-of-date looking kitchen. Of the most inexpensive kitchen improvements, changing the paint makes the kitchen look newer and more attractive. So better bear this in mind.
  8. Reveal those closets. Opening about 30 percent of each closet gives the impression of bigger space. So don’t leave your closets close just so you can show your prospect an impression of neatness. When it comes to neatness vs. spaciousness, almost always the latter wins. Furthermore, closet space, no matter how minor you think it can be, is one of the major factor when it comes to the buyer deciding whether to buy the place or not. In short, it is really a very important aspect of home selling.
  9. Let go of the junk room. Your goal is always to give your potential buyers what they want to see in your home. And most likely, they don’t want to visit a junk room. Use this extra space for building another room with a defined purpose. It can be transformed into a playroom or an office. You can make it into a guest room or a theater room. Whatever you do with your current junk room, always remember that the key to making it attractive to prospects is by giving it some clear purpose.
  10. Lure the home buyer to tour the entire house. A boring home tour won’t bring you profit so make sure that the visit of your prospect will be interesting. Put in some focal points of interest in every corner of your home. You may use photographs, mini statues, or even a piece of artwork to heighten their curiosity and invite them to have a great home tour experience.

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