The Art of Stand-up Comedy and Music

June 23, 2014


robscomedyplayhouse_2Many people think that stand-up comedy is just people telling funny stories and jokes on stage or before a crowd entertaining people with their funny thoughts and observations. Comedy is an art in itself and stand-up comedy is performing arts.

The art of making people laugh, tickle their funny bones with your thoughts and expressions. One thing it is to tell a funny story with very little or no expression at all and some might find it amusing yet could have been so hilarious if expressed in outrageous antics.

Some find over exaggeration as funny but only to a certain extent since too much can become ridiculous. This is where stand-up comedy comes in entertaining people with some degree of exaggeration of expression and people are expecting their funny bone tickled as they await the next exaggerated funny expression.

Some comedians are really born with a humorous wit and do very little effort on their part to amuse people. A few words with a little funny reaction can turn out so hilarious for others and sometimes this becomes contagious. The only problem is not all can become a comic no matter how far others would try.

Some aspiring comedians work very hard and they create a system of routines, adopt and collect witty jokes, and prepare funny jokes of certain particular jobs like jokes for doctors, lawyers, and engineers and, so on and so forth. With so much in their arsenal of jokes, some people who were not born to be funny can get away with entertaining people for several hours just by delivering the jokes properly.

Although it is difficult to say whether a comedian is truly born funny, or he works so hard rehearsing so many acts before a show, it doesn’t matter as long as they are really good at entertaining people. Such is the case of Daniel Tosh who is on a comedy show tour now (visit this website to check his schedule).

On the other hand, music has long been an art since the time it began. Whether singing or playing an instrument, expressing music through the voice or an instrument generates feelings of emotions to the listeners making them feel what the musicians want them to feel through their music.

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