The Need to Prepare

March 2, 2015


disaster-japanRecently, certain people crawling out of the woodwork are voicing concern of our times. They notice the frequency of disasters happening throughout the world. They, therefore, decided to prepare themselves for anything that would come across their way like hurricanes, tornadoes, tsunamis, earthquakes, or anything that could have a major influence on their ability to survive, which includes internal and external threats from other groups.

Years before, others called them in many names and many have thought of them as very paranoid or an extreme survivalist living out of the resource of the land. Now you would know them as “Preppers” learning to survive apart from the dependency of the grid or the present way of life.

Before, there were only a few of them but now, it seems that even the ordinary folks have started to pick up the trend and stock up on food and supplies that may last for a few months to a year. Even the Internet will overwhelm you with ‘Do It Yourself’ (DIY) instructions on how to survive and how to acquire important skills and knowledge for surviving.

There are many instructions on how to acquire or produce raw materials or ingredients needed to keep up some semblance of the existing way of life. For instance, you can learn ‘making soap or paper’, ‘how to make candles or light a fire’ and even ‘how to dress a chicken or trapped animal and make it into food’ which no city office folk or city homemakers would know how to do since most raw food come already in packages ready for cooking.

This could be a foreboding sign that people are starting to doubt the government’s capability to deliver them their basic needs when disasters strike or doubt the government’s ability to sustain social or political order.

Well, this is not a surprise since during the past disasters the government took some time to reach those in need in many flooded or disaster (Hurricane Katrina) struck areas and could not deliver basic food, potable water, medicine and power for heating for several days. The government, unprepared and helpless, could not cope up and many died.

It would not be harmful and could even be a wise move to prepare self or one’s family by browsing and learning some DIY lessons on surviving. There are lessons on how you can prepare children and where to get food for them when the supplies are dwindling. They even have lessons on how to acquire an acre of a farm and make it sustainable for a family apart from outside resources and help.

There are even lessons for preparing pregnant women for childbirth during perilous times. They even have materials and kits for this.

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