Tips and Advice: How Can You Spot Internet Addiction? 

December 8, 2016


Living in the modern world involves a lot of stress. If there is only one thing that a person can do to avoid stress, it would be to live on a desert island, with their most prized possessions. The reason for this choice is that there is practically no longer any privacy when you are living a life in the city, where communication of all kinds leaves you no time for yourself.

Do You Live to Be Online?

social-mediaIf you have an online presence you would feel that you have an obligation to share everything. These include status posts, instagram photos of food and selfies, tweeting your opinion and also the odd vine or snapchat video of you doing actually nothing.

It is easy to say that you can let go of these things. Just say no, is supposed to work. However, if you have your smartphone with you at all times, and you are online on the computer for most of the day, saying no is harder to do. You have the tools in your hands at all times, and saying no would mean that you have to drop these things.

When Does It Become Destructive?

Internet addiction is not something that is discussed anymore. People have gone past that. When a person feels the need to do a selfie just because he is in the car, then something is really wrong.

There was a time, not too long ago when people played chess as a hobby. The mental challenge was real and chess players could not go a day without playing a game of chess. During those times, there were hordes of people who always had a book in hand. They could not stop reading novels. It was their getaway. People who knew how to play the guitar or any musical instrument would drop at guitar shops Adelaide just to pluck some strings during their lunch time.

What they did then was immersive and to get away from the work, they had to do different things. Nowadays, when you want to get away from work, you go on Facebook, or you tweet or post a selfie.

That is not getting away from it all. It is just a way of getting deeper and deeper. Smartphone users do not know that they are addicted to it. They don’t know that with every new game, or app, or chat, they are buying into the idea that what they are doing is normal.

You have to ask is that normal behavior today?  You wake up, you look at your cell phone for the time. You eat breakfast as you scroll through your social media. You drive and you use a traffic app.

The only real vacation away from this reality is to go away where there is no Wi-Fi, no SMS and no phone call. That would be a hard thing to realize, and it is much harder to do compared to admitting that a person is an internet addict.

How to Disconnect

Is it even an addiction if it is society’s norm? Isn’t that the definition of the norm? Regardless of how badly people have become hooked, there is no reason for you not to be able to save yourself. Disconnect from the Internet after a certain hour, say 10pm, and don’t go online again until you have to drive somewhere and use your traffic app. If possible wait until you’re at work to go online and check your email.

Finally, limit your social media time to a maximum of 2 hours per day. It will be challenging at first, but you will realize later that the less time you spend on social media, the more time you will have for yourself.

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