Using Biofuels in Concerts and Tours

March 18, 2015


biofuelIt’s not a surprise that environmentalists protest of the huge ecological impacts concerts and tours have. Just look at all those littered plastic cups in the venue after the event. Not to mention the huge amounts of energy used to power up lights and sound systems. And all those cigarette and pot smoke.

But a lot of music festivals started to go green like the Rothbury Festival and the Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival. They sell organic foods, use eco-friendly materials for cups and bags, and they use biofuel for transportation.

What is Biofuel?

Biofuels are fuels that are produced through carbon fixation in living organisms such as plants. Technically, all of the available fuels today are biofuels. The diesel and fuel made from fossils are biofuels in a sense that they came from ancient preserved plants. However, fossil fuels are seen as hazardous to the environment because burning it releases a lot of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

Biofuels as we know it today are eco-friendly versions of fossil fuels. They are mostly made from corns, sugarcane, palm oil, grass, and organic wastes.

Is it Sustainable?

Eco-friendliness does not equate sustainability, unfortunately. While biofuels are a great alternative source of energy, it is not so simple to produce. First, the process of growing the crops takes a big economic toll. Included here are the fertilizers and pesticides needed to ensure the health of the crops. Then these crops are processed into fuel, requiring a lot of energy that come from coal and natural gas. So it is argued that biofuels don’t save oil as much as they use.

All hope is not lost, however. The prospect to primarily use grass in producing biofuels is taking momentum. Many believe that since grasses have more cellulose, it can be more viable sources of biofuel. If cellulose can be made into biofuels, it will make more sense as an alternative to fossil fuels since it will be more efficient and emit less carbon dioxide.

The Verdict

Despite challenges in producing biofuels, they are still way better than fossil fuels. More music event should use biofuels. Even though the Blake Shelton tour opening act is guaranteed to be kickass, the tour will be more appealing and helpful if it patronizes biofuels.

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